Types of Accommodation Available in Germany: Travel Guide

August 1, 2012 in Germany by Sachin

If you are planning a holiday in Germany, then you must be looking for some reasonable accommodation options. Germany offers a wide variety of hotels and accommodation centers to meet the expectations of all types of tourists.

You would be glad to know that the range of accommodations in Germany includes, international luxury hotels, B&BS, apartments, vacations homes, apartments, guesthouses and  inexpensive hostels. Some hotels in germany are located in old castles, mansions and old palaces offering modern amenities to international tourists. In this article, we will discuss other type of accommodations available in Germany for tourists, other than german hotels.

Different Types of Accommodations in Germany

1) Guest Houses:  Guest Houses in Germany are also known as Pension or Gasthaus. These are evenly spread across the country and very popular among the local travellers of Germany, usually travelling from one state to another. Germany Guest Houses are available at reasonable prices as compared to hotels and motels. They have good standards, and are equipped with basic facilities.

2) Luxury Accommodation: Luxury accommodations includes luxurious villas and apartments.These type of accommodations provide stylish and luxurious holiday experience in Germany. Luxury accommodations are usually found in castles, palaces, and renovated vacation apartments or villas with a spectacular view of mountains and seas.  You can call for anything you desire, including spa sessions, private golf, long drive, multicuisine and so on. .

3) Vacation Homes : These are self-catering accommodations usually hired by families on long vacations. These kind of accommodations are designed to provide home-like comfort away from home. Besides other luxurious, they also provide you the facility to cook your own meals in the kitchen. Moreover, you get more living space to accommodate all member of your family, as compared to hotels. No matter if you are looking for a honeymoon suite or a big place for accommodating 10 people, vacation homes are fully equipped with separate bedrooms and all kind of modern amenities.

4) Campsites: If you are an adventurous person, then opting for camping tents can be a good option. Many campsites in Germany also provide additional cabins, motorhomes or caravans be tents. The facilities and provisions vary depending upon the size and budget. High standard campsites provides the facilities like  kitchen, bathroom,  laundry and an option to choose between unpowered and powered campgrounds. However, unlike other luxurious and hotels in Germany you do not get the additional facilities like spa, multi cuisine food, pick and drop facilities and so on. You may have to make arrangements for yourself at additional costs.

5) Youth Hostels: These kind of accommodations are allotted only to young travellers who are a member of Youth Hosteling Association. Youth Hostels in Germany attract huge number of people such as school groups, families, backpackers every year. It is a very reasonable and most preferable type of accommodation. Unlike expensive german hotels, a significantly low fee is charged from the travellers. These hostels have different kind of accommodations unites suitable for every kind of travellers, from an individual person to large families. Huge family rooms are equipped with modern amenities on sharing basis. However, these hostels are closed during Christmas time.