Vacation Ideas Across America You Will Love

July 8, 2013 in U.S by Sumer

If your family loves to travel, you’re probably always looking for the best places across America to spend some quality vacation time each year. But if you’re at a loss for where the next best place to visit really is, read on to get some ideas and to begin booking your next adventure.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks are a beautiful coastal area in North Carolina that the entire family can enjoy. The most popular season is the summer, but you can also visit during the autumn and the spring to enjoy the area’s friendly locals and natural beauty. You can ride up and down the coast and see what you find, spend time on the beach sunbathing and collecting the many gorgeous shells and stones, or visit the wild horses on Shackleford Banks, where they are free to live as they please and where people cannot go near them because they’re legally protected. Jockey’s Ridge State Park is also another incredible area in the Outer Banks. Climb up the massive sand dunes, slide down them, and take in the scenery of the surrounding area and the ocean.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A beautiful beach, an exciting nightlife, and plenty of local activities make Fort Lauderdale one of the best places to stay while visiting the state of Florida. Drive up and down A1A and you will find plenty of seaside restaurants with outdoor seating, as well as bars and clubs that allow you to stay up all night enjoying music, drinks, and great company. The beach is kept very clean, and the water is always warm and inviting. Snorkel to see the fish below the surface, and then spend time sunbathing on the sand to get a great tan. Right across from the beach, there are also plenty of stores and malls to shop from, and there are also boat tours that allow you to explore the intra-coastal waterway, filled with mansions for the rich and famous.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Massachusetts. Check out the many lighthouses, drive along the coastline, and spend time at the beach. Visit Provincetown for some great shopping and restaurants. Like Outer Banks, the high season in Cape Cod is certainly during the summer, when everyone wants to get away from it all and retreat to the natural beauty and tranquility of the region, but you can also enjoy it during the autumn and the spring. The colder seasons are very slow and quiet, so there is not as much to do.

Vail, Colorado

Colorado is a very popular tourist destination as well, thanks to its natural beauty and plenty of gorgeous mountains that are perfect for hiking and skiing. Wildflowers come into full bloom in the spring and summer and plenty of snow makes Vail a great place for those who love snowboarding, skiing, or even snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Thanks to the many hotels in the area, it’s easy to book a resort in Vail at any time of the year.

Hayley is a writer who loves to travel, try new foods, and experience new things. That is why she makes it a point to travel to a new destination during each and every vacation. She has many memories from her various trips and plans to continue checking out more of what America has to offer.